Picture of the Week

Published 4:00 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

Pam Dunnavant’s first period ecology class has been making the effort to encourage others to recycle as part of Project SAVE AMERICA. The first period students are, from left, (front row) Scott Pugh, Katia Taylor, Pam Dunnavant, Joey Kelehar, Damian Dixon; (second row) Sara Garcia, Laquanda Lee, Hannah Conwell, Desha Guest, Mary Laurel Parks, Josh Brown, Jason Moorehead; (third row)  Calvin King, Lindsay Kunath, Najiyah Westry; (fourth row) Clay Scruggs, Brittany Vereen, Ariel Gilliam, Taquresha Jennings, Porfiro Mendez, Shiya Robertson, Niyah Townsend, Emily Toombs, John Walker and Kendrik Goldman. Not pictured are Maggie Adams, Talejah Watts and Taylor Johnson.