Napier runs for BOS seat

Published 9:57 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On Election Day, Nov. 3, I ask for your support for the supervisor position for Drakes Branch. I attended Charlotte County Public Schools and graduated Randolph-Henry in 2008. Having recently married my wife, Sarah, we are greatly concerned about the downfall of Charlotte County and the lack of jobs here. Our plans are to begin a family here but it hurts us to know that if we raise kids here that one day they may have to leave to find work.

I have been a member of Drakes Branch Volunteer Fire Department for over 10 years and currently serve as the assistant fire chief. I am employed by the Town of Drakes Branch as the licensed water operator. I know the daily operations of the town. One of my concerns lately is the lack of involvement in the Town of Drakes Branch. For example, the town has discussed building a Dollar General here. I have attended several town meeting concerning this, including rezoning meetings.

Our current supervisor and other candidate were at none. How can you support your District and not know what is going on in the only town in the District?

I want to see Drakes Branch improve and grow not only because I work here but because I want to have a family here. My question to you is: How do you think things are going in this District? If you want change, vote for change. Again thank you for your consideration.