Altria employees provide grant for CCMOW

Published 7:20 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pictured are recipients of some of Altria Companies Employee Community Fund (ACECF) grants for this year. Charlotte County Meals on Wheels was one organization that received a grant that will help provide two frozen meals a week to those who are unable to pay anything or only up to 75 cents per meal. The fund was founded in 2000 by employees who wanted to be actively involved in helping their local communities. It began as the Philip Morris Employee Community Fund (PMECF). This is the fund that provided the start-up money for Charlotte County Meals on Wheels. A grant that was written by Hazel Harrison, a Charlotte County native who was working with Prince Edward Meals on Wheels, was awarded by PMECF in 2004. In 2010, Charlotte County Meals on Wheels recognized the need to provide 5 meals each week to its clients, so the addition of two complete frozen meals helped to accomplish this goal.  ACECF again provided the funding to help start this program and continue it for those unable to afford to pay for their meals.