Randolph-Henry Statesmen suit up to beat cancer

It’s been a strong start to the season for the Randolph-Henry Statesmen. The baseball team averages 9 runs a game, while sporting a 8-1 record, 3-0 in district play, with a game set for Tuesday night against 4-1 Amelia County. But beyond the stats, the Statesmen excel in another area: raising money for cancer research. 

Specifically this season, Randolph-Henry is one of several teams in the state working with Vs. Cancer to both raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer research. The group set a $3,500 goal to reach by season’s end and as of Tuesday, they had passed $1,000. They will be collecting donations at all of their home games this season. 

“We are thankful for all of the support from the community of Charlotte County in donating to the Vs. Cancer organization,” said Randolph-Henry Statesmen Head Coach Josh Barmoy. “When we all work together, we are able to accomplish a lot.” 

Barmoy is also putting something else on the table here. If the team reaches that $3,500 goal, the former standout pitcher at Chowan University promises to cut his hair. 

What is Vs Cancer?

Vs Cancer is a pediatric brain tumor foundation based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Money the team raises this year will help fund tumor research, as well as supporting families of children with brain cancer. 

That can mean helping them pay for transportation or a place to stay. Some of the Vs programs include funding child psychologists at hospitals, with the goal of helping patients cope with their diagnosis, treatment and survival. We mentioned housing and transportation before, but Vs Cancer also helps families of patients cover grocery bills while treatment is going on as well. 

“These lessons of giving to others go far beyond the game of baseball by showing our young athletes how to make the world a better place for others,” said Randolph-Henry Principal Erin Davis. 

Randolph-Henry Statesmen issue invitation 

As part of this project, the Statesmen invited Ada Slayton to spend time with the team last week at Bankston Field. Slayton is in her own battle against an optic pathway tumor. While she visited, the Statesmen played catch with Ada, fielded while she hit balls off the tee and enjoyed pizza together. 

In addition to Ada’s visit, the baseball team is wearing jerseys this year featuring the ribbon for pediatric cancer, symbolizing their commitment to raising awareness and supporting those affected by the disease. 

“There are some members in our community who have (or) are battling childhood cancer and I am proud that our baseball program at Randolph-Henry can help make a difference in a child’s life,” Barmoy said. 

Davis agreed. 

“As the community rallies behind Ada and other children battling cancer, the Randolph-Henry High School baseball program stands as a beacon of hope and compassion,” she said in a statement. “Together, they are making a difference and spreading awareness of childhood cancer, one pitch at a time.” 

Help the Randolph-Henry Statesmen

The team will take on John Marshall High Thursday at 7 p.m. But before gametime, the team will be honoring current fighters and cancer survivors. That’ll take place at 6:20 p.m., before a special first pitch ceremony at 6:30 p.m. As part of the event, the team will also be raising money for cancer research.