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Business park needs H2O to grow

The Heartland Business Park is losing out on economic development opportunities due to the lack of adequate water availability. 

Virginia’s Heartland Regional Industrial Facilities Authority (VHRIFA) has recently submitted a grant application for funding for a preliminary engineer report for onsite wells at the Heartland Park in Keysville to add water to the park’s capacity.

The grant would be for $40,000 through the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission.

According to the VHRIFA, with a current capacity of 590,000 gallons per day, the Town of Keysville, which supplies water to the Heartland Park, cannot meet the water needs of potential businesses with substantial water requirements. However, installing onsite wells at the property has been identified as an economically feasible means of addressing additional water capacity needs.

VHRIFA is hopeful additional grants will help fund the construction of the wells.

“We feel that water system enhancements at the Heartland Park are needed to help improve the marketability of the Heartland Park and bring new businesses to Charlotte County and the region,” Charlotte County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Chairman Gary Walker said.

During the Monday, July 12, meeting of the BOS, County Administrator, Dan Witt told the supervisors the Heartland Park Board had been approached numerous times about projects and companies looking to locate in the industrial park.

The lack of infrastructure was a deterrent.

“Because of the amount of water that Keysville can treat and also sewer treatment, we’ve missed out on those opportunities,” Witt said.