The show must go on

Published 1:11 pm Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Sometimes the conditions are not the best…hot days, long afternoons, rainy practices, repeating the same actions over and over, a car that was left in the parking lot blocking part of the practice area and now COVID-19.

The Randolph-Henry High School Marching Band would usually be practicing and getting ready to perform at the Statesmen Football games; however, this school year will be different.

“The plan is for band to start the beginning of February,” RHHS Band Instructor Kevin Reamey said.  “Hopefully, by then, students will be back in the classroom and when we practice, we will use all safety guidelines that will be in place at that time.”

Due to the pandemic, Charlotte County Public Schools will start the new term on Aug. 10 virtually with football season, starting in February and running to May 1.

Reamey said the marching band is like any other sport or activity that allows the student to be involved in school.

“It gives the students the opportunity to succeed in an area that they are deeply interested in, as well as gives them the means to show off their talents and abilities to our community,” Reamey said. “In our case, it gives them the opportunity to be a part of something special.”

The R-H Marching band currently has 29 members that Reamey said have individual responsibilities that push their physical and musical limits.

“They learn how to act as a team by performing their individual tasks that, in the end, produce a product that everyone, including themselves, can enjoy and be proud of,” he said. “Through the countless hours of practice, these students develop relationships and tight bonds with their fellow members that last a lifetime.”

Reamey said the marching band is also something the community needs and needs to continue. 

“For the sake of the participating students, the school and the community marching band must go on. It just has to,” he said. “We need something to look forward to.”