Phenix Pre-K’s learn about Penguins The

Published 2:45 pm Thursday, February 6, 2020

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The 4-year old children at Phenix have been listening to non-fiction books in the library throughout the year. Mrs. Watkins, the librarian, along with Mrs. Driskill, the Pre-K teacher, developed a unit on penguins. By listening to non-fiction books, the children have learned a great deal about penguins. Besides reading books, they have waddled like a penguin and slid on their bellies like penguins. They have also compared the size of the largest penguin to the smallest. Working in small groups, they colored their life-size penguin, and then had to tell Mrs. Watkins a fact about a penguin. The culminating activity was a penguin party held in
the library. Remember reading to young children is important for many reasons. Studies have found that reading sparks a child’s imagination and aids in the development of early literacy skills. Pictured are, from left, front row, Adam Lindsey, Ethan Hall, Elaina Jones, Braelee Marston, Lane Cook, Tom Owen, Adalyn Hamby; back row, Lyrik Elder, Shauna Newcomb, Brynleigh Childress, Adrienne Morton, Emory Evans, Gavin Hall and Hunter Hathaway.