Mecklenburg Electrical visits Bacon Elementary

Published 10:20 am Friday, November 29, 2019

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The fourth graders at Bacon District Elementary have been learning about electricity, not only in their classroom, but also in the library. Mrs. Watkins, working closely with Mrs. Moore, the fourth grade science teacher, has spent several weeks reading books, showing PowerPoint slides and playing learning games about electricity.

The culminating activity was having Dustin Francis from Mecklenburg Electrical Cooperative come to the library and talk with the students about electricity. Francis showed the students parallel and series circuits and reviewed how they work. He also reviewed good conductors and insulators of electricity. In addition, he brought a model of a community powered by an electrical substation. He went over how the electricity runs from the power station to the homes and businesses in a community. One of the major items he discussed was being safe around all types of electricity. Francis provided the fourth graders with valuable information about electricity. The children were very attentive and eager to share what they had learned in their classroom and in the library. Linking our community to our learning is a beneficial experience for all involved.