Hamlett for School Board

Published 8:05 am Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Russell S.
“Scotty” Hamlett

Do you believe our children deserve a quality education? Shouldn’t our schools prepare our children for making their way in the world? And shouldn’t that transition from school to work or further education be smooth? Russell S. “Scotty” Hamlett believes the answer is yes to all of these questions.

Hamlett is running for Charlotte County School Board for the Cullen/Red House district. He states, “To be direct, I would like your vote.”

When asked about his history and values Hamlett shared, “First, I listen. If you have ideas or comments, I want to hear them. One of my goals is to remain open to and to explore fresh looks at our existing and future challenges. If you want to have a voice, I want to hear you.”

Hamlett further shared, “Second thing you might want to know about me is I work well with others. My work history involves starting positions along with supervisory and board positions. I have worked them all and I respect all the positions that make an organization work.”

In addition Hamlett shared, “I have been a volunteer coach for Dixie Youth Softball for many years. To win involves bringing along everyone — the kids, their parents, the sponsors, the coaches, and the fans. Praise, recognition, practice, hard work, encouragement and celebration are some of the primary tools I have learned to use.”

“The Third thing you might want to know about me is I am a self-learner,” Hamlett said. “If I find I am not knowledgeable in an area, I seek out mentors who can help me learn how to do it. This is important because attitude is everything.”

The fourth and last item you might want to know about Hamlett is he has a stake in this community and in our educational system. He is a graduate of Randolph-Henry High School as well as his wife and daughter. Hamlett’s wife, Bonita, is a former teacher and principal of Charlotte County Public Schools. He has been a volunteer softball coach and a judge for Forensics at the middle school level and like you he wants the best for our kids, our teachers, our administrators and our community.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens and leaders. It is important that we understand and act on this. We must help Charlotte County’s youth be all that they can be by providing our students the best education possible.

Vote for Russell S. “Scotty” Hamlett, on Nov 5, for the Charlotte County School Board representing the Cullen/Red House District.