CRC projects see updates

Published 9:26 am Sunday, July 28, 2019

Representatives from the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) provided updates on three projects in Charlotte County during its most recent meeting.

The first project to receive an update was the Evergreen sidewalk project, which is set to stretch approximately 2,100 feet from Randolph-Henry High School to Gold Leaf Road.

Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) Executive Director Melody Foster said the Evergreen Sidewalk project is continuing well.

Foster said the CRC has finished the easements for the right of way portions of the sidewalk.
She said compensation has been paid out to property owners in the amount of approximately $5,783. For one property, Foster said the town pursued condemnation due to it being an heir property.

The Town voted to take this action during a special called meeting on Monday, June 24.

Foster said the CRC had a meeting with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) recently to make sure the project was on time. Foster said VDOT would work to move quickly through its end of the process to make sure the CRC could get the bid for the sidewalk project out in September.

CRC Deputy Director Todd Fortune provided an update on the Phenix water project to improve the area’s water quality after a well last summer was found to have slightly exceeded the regulated rate for natural radiological contamination called Gross Alpha.