Easier access to medical transportation for seniors

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Members of the aging community living in the Heart of Virginia now have an easier, more accessible way to obtain non-emergency medical transportation.
Piedmont Senior Resources (PSR) has established a toll-free, dedicated telephone number solely for senior medical transportation, making it easier for those seeking assistance to their follow-up, regular checkup and all other doctors’ appointments.

The new toll-free telephone number seniors should call if they have needs for accessible, dependable medical transportation is 1 (866) 392-8432.

“We decided to establish this dedicated, toll-free telephone number due to the high volume of calls PSR has had since December,” PSR Director of Transportation Jordan Miles said, “for the dozens and dozens of calls we have had for transportation for members of the aging community who otherwise would have missed their appointments due to their not having access to transportation.”

Since the senior medical transportation program kicked off in mid-December, the nonprofit’s sole five-passenger, handicap-accessible minivan has been on the road just about every day of the week, and has successfully transported seniors to more than 60 medical appointments, ranging from dental visits, routing check-ups and specialized appointments. Seniors, ago 60 and older, residing in Amelia, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Nottoway, Lunenburg and Prince Edward, are eligible for service.

Seniors interested in the program should call the toll free number to determine qualification and to schedule an appointment.

“We’re so proud of the great amount of seniors the agency has been able to help,” Miles said. “We’re here to help seniors who have missed appointment after appointment due to lack of accessible transportation.”

“Through a grant from the Department and Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), which included a local match, we were able to secure funding for a five-passenger, handicap-accessible minivan,” Miles said of the vehicle used to transport seniors. “We have applied for two additional vehicles, which we would be awarded in 2020 should our application be successful.”

“We’re reaching out to seniors who are living on fixed incomes with barriers to transportation who may not have otherwise been able to get to their doctor or health care professional to address their needs. These are seniors living in isolated and rural areas with very isolated social interaction,” Miles added.