Charlotte County Clean–up Week designated

Published 1:49 pm Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Charlotte County Board of Supervisors (BOS) has decided to take the county’s litter problem into its own hands. During the March session Board Chairman Butch Hamlett officially designated the week of April 6–13 as Charlotte County Clean–up Week. According to Hamlett, “this will be an excellent opportunity for the people of Charlotte County to come out and clean up some of the trash that has accumulated, especially along the sides of the roads. Its a perfect time to get out and do something that shows you take pride in how your county looks.”
Beginning April 6 the plan for each day, according to Hamlett, is for all volunteers to meet at the county administration building by 8:30 am.
The Virginia Department of Transportation, (VDOT), is going to provide volunteers with plastic bags along with proper safety vests and signage to keep them safe. The group will divide into smaller crews and fan out from the administration building.
VDOT has agreed to pick up all of the bags after the cleanup.
In an effort to make Clean-up Charlotte County Week as official as possible, members of the BOS had the following Resolution drafted and read at the March 13 BOS session:
WHEREAS, “litter” is all discarded trash or other matter which is unsightly and/or excessive in accumulation and creates a hazard to the public welfare of Charlotte County’s citizens; and WHEREAS, the citizens of Charlotte County take pride in their communities and their county as a whole; And
WHEREAS, said unauthorized dumping and littering on public and private property and county roadways degrade the environment and community, and cause environmental, health and safety hazards; and
WHEREAS, beautiful public spaces enhance aesthetic appeal and positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, businesses and institutions; and
WHEREAS, job development in Charlotte County is also impacted by positive or negative impressions of our physical surroundings; and
WHEREAS, the heedless and illegal littering of our highways is a detriment to our quality of life and our efforts toward progress; and
WHEREAS, the cost incurred by Charlotte County to clean up said unauthorized dumps and scattered litter creates an undue burden upon the taxpayers of Charlotte County; and
WHEREAS, local citizens have recognized this impact and have begun a Spring Clean Up to clean up their own properties and those in their communities with a special culminating effort in April; and
WHEREAS, the positive impact of their efforts benefits not only the individuals who keep our County beautiful, but their neighbors as well; and
WHEREAS, we recognize the value of these independent, individual commitments to improve life in Charlotte County; and
WHEREAS, we want to acknowledge the efforts of these citizens and encourage everyone to take pride in their communities,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors hereby designates the month/week/day of (April 6-13) 2019, as Charlotte County Clean-Up Week
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, it is the expressed intent of the Board of Supervisors and of this Resolution to promote high quality public health, safety, and welfare to secure a safe and enjoyable environment for the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Charlotte County.