FAFSA night held

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, December 5, 2018

FAFSA Night was recently held at Randolph-Henry High School (R-HHS) under the leadership of College Adviser Dasmen Richards.

“This event allowed seniors and their families to complete their FAFSA, which is mandatory to complete if you want to receive financial aid. The event was successful as we had financial aid personnel from Longwood and SVCC (Southside Virginia Community College) come and help out and answer any questions that the students had,” said Richards.

Monique and Patricia Randolph enjoy pizza and water during
FAFSA night at Randolph-Henry High School.

Richards, a Fayetteville, Georgia native and University of Virginia Alum is a first year adviser at R-HHS.

According to a press release from the University of Virginia, “Thirty-six graduates from 2017 and 2018 make up the corps. They will spend the next academic year in Virginia high school counseling offices, working with students who might otherwise not think about higher education. The advisers help students navigate financial aid questions, arrange college visits and assist with college preparation.”

The release said it is the job of the advisers to help the high school students explore their options.

“I’m always helping someone,” said Richards previously.

She said previously her main goal for the two years she will be working at R-HHS is to bridge the gap and increase the college culture at the high school.

In addition, Richards said previously sometimes affordability scares people, however, she is trying to get as many students in college as possible and provide assistance in finding grant and scholarship options to assist with the costs.

Randolph Henry’s Principal Dr. Scott “Shep” Critzer previously said Richards would be at R-HHS for two years.

Anita, Anisha and Charlie Marable pose together during FAFSA night at Randolph-Henry High School. FAFSA Night was recently held at Randolph-Henry
High School (R-HHS) under the leadership of College Adviser
Dasmen Richards.

“FAFSA … is absolutely step one for students and their parents/guardians to complete, regardless of financial assets, to find resources to pay for college,” said R-HHS Interior Design and Jobs for Virginia Graduates teacher Rhonda Locke Benn. “It is the single most important part of the financial aid process.”

She said the process can seem overwhelming, however, the online application will walk individuals through the process and offer help if needed.

“The biggest hindrance is not having all the information you need when you begin the application process,” said Benn. “Please don’t let finances keep you from going to college. There is money available, but to access those resources, completing the FAFSA is a must.”

She said in order for students to apply, several items are needed including a permanent registration, if not a U.S. Citizen, Social Security number, driver’s license number, 2017 W-2 forms and more.

For more information and a complete comprehensive list of required materials, visit FAFSA.gov.