Story not over yet

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Three people in Charlotte County are putting on an amazing event, the third annual Warr;or Walk, which takes place Saturday. Anne Waters, Dianne Tuck and Bridgette Malsbury are among those who have been affected by suicide.

The three of them are seeking to create an environment where those who have struggled with suicidal thoughts or mental illness, or those with loved ones lost to suicide, can feel loved and accepted.

“Our community needed more information, more compassion, more knowledge, less judgment, and a dose of reality that suicide happens everywhere, even in rural Charlotte (County),” Malsbury said. “My hope is that it open minds and hearts to the hurt that suicide brings in the aftermath is real and no family is exempt as well as more understanding that prevention can be done with an outreach to those struggling with mental health issues.”

As someone who likes writing and words, the semicolon in the event’s name and its meaning was compelling to me.

The semicolon is meant to remind people that their stories are not over. That whatever circumstances facing them are not final, that there is hope when the next group of words appear.

At our lowest points, the idea of a bright future feels pat and unattainable. Stress due to all kinds of personal and societal setbacks are unavoidable, and the upcoming holidays can up the stress ante to 100.

Having a safe place for a few hours with people that don’t require an explanation, to remember lost loved ones, to express a commitment to hope when hope seems far away, can be the difference between an unmanageable evening versus a manageable evening, even when circumstances remain the same. I encourage those who feel hopeless to consider attending the walk and find a place of acceptance and remembrance.

Emily Hollingsworth is a staff reporter for The Charlotte Gazette and Farmville Newsmedia LLC. Her email address is