Vassar scholarship gives back

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It was recently announced that the life, legacy and contributions given by Lealon Vassar to the local community would live on through a scholarship available by SVCC (Southside Virginia Community College) during the school’s fall semester.

Vassar passed from a sudden illness Nov. 22, 2017. However, the scholarship will allow his legacy to live on in the community and grant aid to Charlotte County students attending SVCC.

We believe the scholarship is a great way to memorialize the contributions of Vassar to the Charlotte County community and help young students who exhibit the characteristics to serve others.

“Preference will be given to students exhibiting characteristics such as dedication to community service, hard working, kind-hearted and willingness to help others as was Mr. Vassar’s legacy,” said a news release provided by Vassar’s daughter, Shannon Vassar Feinman.

In addition, Feinman announced the scholarship.

We believe the criteria set is an excellent way to promote service and dedication to the local community as a reflection of the life Vassar lived.

While the exact amount has not been determined, according to Feinman, the community has been constantly donating.

Scholarship opportunities for young college students certainly can make a huge difference when it comes to offsetting the many expenses associated with getting an education that quickly add up.

Furthermore, memorial scholarships ensure that the legacy of our loved ones will not be forgotten while providing a great way to help those in the local community accomplish their dreams, just as Vassar did during his time on earth.