‘The tassel is worth the hassle’

Published 9:40 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Do you remember the very first day you stepped foot into a classroom? I’d be willing to bet you were nervous, full of anticipation – perhaps a little unsure about what the future would bring.

Of course we all wanted to make good grades and go on to be successful, but what about the important stuff like would you be able to make friends or would your crush finally realize you were truly meant to be?

These are all fears or uncertainties I’m sure most students faced at some point in their career. Especially when starting school for the first time or moving to a new school.

Well class of 2018, your work as a Charlotte County Public Schools student is done. When you think back to the start of your journey, the road may not have always been easy, but on May 19, 2018, it was certainly worth it.

Like the saying goes, “the tassel is worth the hassle.”

On this day, you all shared a common bond. A bond that can never be broken with time regardless of where you find your place in the world.

Some of you will go on to college, while others may enter directly into the workforce or decide to take a year off from school to travel the world.

Whatever path you choose, always remember that life is full of uncertainties.

However, no matter what uncertainties and obstacles you face in life, it will always be worth it in the end.

Every mistake or lesson is simply shaping the person you are ultimately meant to be.

Realistically, your educational career is not done. As humans, we never completely stop learning.

Up until now, you have been prepared with all the necessary tools to conquer the world. Just like in the popular board game Monopoly, here is your chance to decide if you will pass or go.

While the choice is yours to make, I can tell you that I’ll choose go every time.

To the Randolph-Henry High School Class of 2018, congratulations on a job well done. You made it.

Italia Gregory is community editor of The Charlotte Gazette. Her email address is Italia.Gregory@ TheCharlotteGazette. com.