Saxe native releases book

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Charlotte County Native Yemaja Jubilee is celebrating the release of her new book, Couldn’t Keep it to Myself.

Yemaja Jubilee

According to a press release, the book “is a story of a woman’s soulful journey told through a collection of poems and original artful illustrations, written through various stages of self-discovery. Through each stage, she is led by the unstoppable question ‘what’s in a name?’ This prompting inspired her, guided her and ultimately revealed to her that her God-given name is Yemaja.”

The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and, according to Jubilee, a series of book signings are being planned for Charlotte County and the surrounding counties. Jubilee is a native of Saxe.

“Growing up in Charlotte County and attending segregated schools taught me to appreciate my blackness,” Jubilee said. “Mrs. Mary Dupee was one of my greatest influences in always be your best, do your best and to strive for excellence in all things.”

Jubilee said her father, Charlotte County native the Rev. John Henry Brown, was the patriarch of the family. “His legacy of organizational skills, community involvement and spiritual guidance have inspired me no matter where I live, and influenced all that I have accomplished both as a writer and how I continue to emerge and evolve in this adventure called life,” she said. “I live my life in full expression because my mom, Marie Harris Brown, taught me how to love and accept all human beings.”

Jubilee said her heart is filled with gratitude for both of her parents.

In addition to being an author, the press release notes Jubilee is a life coach, poet, motivational/inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and songwriter.

She is also a co-founding director of Cultural Libations, which the release describes as a multidisciplinary arts and humanities company.

According to information available through Amazon, the book was published by KWE Publishing, LLC of Prince George, Va.

The release also notes that Jubilee has co-produced the movie “Black Wall Street: The Money, The Music and The People” with RLP Productions, and she co-wrote the theme song for the movie.

She produces and hosts her own TV show, “Love, Light and Positivity” on Comcast TV in Richmond.