Weighty decisions

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In the wake of R.B. Clark’s announcement that he would retire as Charlotte County Administrator, the way forward as pertaining to that position has been made known.

We reported that a request for proposal (RFP) was issued Feb. 28.

According to a notice, “The Charlotte County Board of Supervisors is soliciting proposals for executive search firm services for the recruiting, selection and hiring of a new county administrator.”

The RFP stated that the selected consultant will be responsible for a variety of recruiting efforts, including conducting “full background, effectiveness and performance assessments of qualified candidates and will be required to work diligently to advance the process, ensuring an expedient hire date for the new county administrator.”

We wish the board of supervisors the best in the process of selecting this consultant and then extend the same wish to the firm that is selected.

The decisions related to who becomes the next county administrator will have a major impact on the state of the locality moving forward.

The RFP effectively outlines the stakes when it calls for the county administrator to be responsible for a variety of duties including “carrying out the day-to-day operations of the county in accordance with the policies of the board of supervisors and overseeing the general operation of the county including budget preparation, funds management, personnel management, purchasing, economic development, property management, compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, planning and zoning.”

We applaud the county’s intent that, as the RFP states, “this Request for Proposal is part of a competitive procurement process which helps to serve the county’s best interests while providing offerors with a fair opportunity for their services to be considered.”