Students should have a voice

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dear Editor,

My name is Cole Pillow and I’m a junior at R-HHS. I’m the student council association(SCA) treasure, 2017 homecoming prince and former class president. I’ve also participated in tennis for one year, competition theatre for one year, and forensics for two years. In addition, I run the lights and sound for any events held in the R-HHS auditorium, I fly the school’s drone when needed, and I’m a photographer for the yearbook.

I made a Facebook post on the situation involving the school board not renewing Mrs. Leonard’s contract. I basically said that I didn’t appreciate how the school board doesn’t bother to ask the students’ opinion on topics that will affect their education. I had two people contact my family and suggest I talk to the editor about my opinion on the topic.

I really feel like the school board needs to take into consideration that it isn’t just a change in staffing, but an overall change within the everyday lives of their students. This will affect my education, which is very concerning.

I personally feel like the current administration is doing a perfect job. They work as a team, which is something the students see everyday. Each administrator is a role model in their own, unique way. We see these people almost every day. Wouldn’t the school board want responsible, caring adults leading their schools? You would think so.

I want my education to be in the hands of qualified adults.

I can’t do anything about the school board members or their decision to not renew Mrs. Leonard’s contract. However, I think it’s important for the board to hear the opinions of their students. And currently, we love our school how it is. We love our helpful administration, we love our amazing teachers, and we love our fantastic education.

Cole Pillow

Charlotte County