Published 10:28 am Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy belated birthday wishes to Earl Moore, Dec. 31, Wylliesburg.

Birthday wishes to Clifton Pugh, Jan. 4, NY; Johnatan Culpeper, Jan. 4, Lynchburg; Tina Ann Moore, Jan. 4, Randolph; Gary Brogdon, Jan. 4, Randolph; Cassandra ‘Sandy’ Brogdon, Jan. 6, Pamplin; Leon Mosley, Jan. 8, Clover; Dequane Morton, Jan. 8, Charlotte Court House; Selena Wilmouth, Jan.8, Drakes Branch; Sammie Davis, Jan.9, Hampton; Pauline J. Foster, Jan. 9, Richmond; Mariah Johnson, Jan. 9, Keysville. I wish each of you many more happy birthdays. Happy Birthday.

Anniversary wishes to Barbara and Ralph Foster Sr., Jan. 8, Randolph, 53 years of marriage; Zack and Diana Foster Edwards, Jan.8, Richmond, 41 years of marriage. I wish all of you many more happy years of marriage and Gods Blessings. Happy Anniversary.

Get well wishes to all of the sick and shut in. I hope all of you are well soon, up and about. You are in our prayers and thoughts for a quick recovery.

Sympathy to all of the families who lost a loved one recently. Our heartfelt prayers and good wishes go out to all of you in your time of need. Sympathy to the family of Berman Brown of Saxe. You have our deepest sympathy.

Thought for the week: Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey.


There’s much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it. There is no fate but your own fate. Angels deliver fate to our doorstep and anywhere else it is needed. A person often meets his or her destiny on the road he or she took to avoid it.

Thy fate is the common fate of all. Into each life, some rain must fall. You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it. We can make our own fate, good or bad. Try for the New Year to make your life and ones around you better.

Leave 2017 behind and make 2018 a brand new year and a brand-new you. Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you the best.

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