Water tower to be repaired

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Town of Keysville announced Dec. 5 that the large water tank at the Charlotte County Industrial Park will be cleaned and repaired.

Town Council member Shirley Thompson said the contractor Southern Corrosion will clean and repair both the exterior and interior of the 300,000-gallon water tank.

“There are some areas, primarily on the outside of the tank, that have corroded that will be needing repairs,” Thompson said.

She said the process is estimated to take four weeks, depending on the weather, and that in the meantime, users will receive water from another water tank at the industrial park.

“We are using our 60,000-gallon water tank, and we’re planning to operate that fully with very careful monitoring to keep the pressure in that tank up so that individuals will not experience a low water pressure,” Thompson said.

Thompson noted that Southern Corrosion will monitor the water pressure inside of the smaller tank.

Employees with Southern Corrosion were working on the site Thursday afternoon. Southern Corrosion Project Foreman Victor Rosas said crew members were working on painting the exterior of the larger tank.

Thompson said the 300,000-gallon tank had been recently inspected by Southern Corrosion, and that the smaller tank is set to be in good shape as the company refurbished the tank in 2015.

“We have talked with all of our major water users so that they know if they experience any problems that they are to call us immediately,” Thompson said.

Thompson encouraged water users to work to conserve water by limiting the amount of water used to wash vehicles while the cleaning and repairing process takes place.

If residents notice a decrease in water pressure or any other issues, they are encouraged to contact the town office right away at (434) 547-6611 or (434) 547-8805.