BWF supports recreation

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bruiser Wrestling Federation (BWF) held a professional wrestling event at Central Middle School to benefit the Charlotte County Recreation Association (CCRA) on Saturday, Oct. 7.

The event boasted a variety of matches for pro wrestling fans, including a battle royale, a tag team match and main event featuring local wrestler Billy Gibbs.

“Each year, the Charlotte County Recreation Association holds the annual wrestling event to help with fundraising efforts to benefit the association,” said Association Director James D. Gregory. “The fundraiser provides clean, family entertainment for those in the county, as well as supporters who travel from surrounding counties to witness the action.”

BWF is based in Appomattox and serves as the premier pro wrestling promotion on the independent scene, according to its website.

“BWF is Central Virginia’s premier wrestling promotion for the last 12 years,” according to the website. “Started in 2002 by Bruiser Graham and his father Woodrow, the BWF continues to bring the most exciting wrestling action in the indy scene by mixing young talent and legends of the wrestling business.”

According to Gregory, the recreation association is funded through youth basketball games each season. He said the organization is operated using all private funds.

In 2014, the association formed Westpoint Park in Drakes Branch and has since held events including bike rides and class reunions to continue raising money for the project.

The wrestling event serves as an annual fundraiser for the association.

“The BWF would like to thank everyone that came out to help support CCRA and we look forward to being back next year,” said Troy Loveday, a co-owner of BWF. “If you wish to attend BWF events coming to your area, go to our Facebook page (and search) Bruiser Wrestling Federation.”