The unchanging voice of God

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The prophets of the Old Testament served as the Lord’s trumpet and were used to deliver messages of warning and of deliverance. 

Todd Childers

This was clearly shown through the prophet Isaiah. These warnings to Judah came many years before their fall to Babylon in 586 B.C. Through Isaiah, known as the “Prince of the Prophets,” we can hear God speaking not just about one, but all three of the issues mentioned above. His plea for the people to repent and turn from their sins, in all three categories, reveals the very heart of God (Isa.1:18). However, the people would not listen.

Idolatry was not something new to God’s people. After all, it is so offensive to the Lord that He prioritized this sin in both the first and second commandments given to His people through His servant Moses (Ex.20:3-4).

Giving honor or worship to anything other than God is idolatry. The prophet Jeremiah vividly gave the illustration of how the people of God had committed adultery, as the Lord’s bride, against Him (Jer.3:6-9). However, within the same breath, the Lord pleads, “Return, O backsliding Israel,” to give them another chance to turn from their pagan worship and be blessed (Jer.3:12-16).

Social injustices were the sins between the people and is what caused the Lord’s anger to boil hot against those who oppressed others.

This is not just a sin that falls upon rulers of kingdoms or the wealthy, but to anyone that benefits from the oppression of others.

Whenever forgiveness is a forgotten practice, then social injustice follows.

Even though we read and hear a lot about God’s judgment falling on His people, we should learn from His repeated warnings and messages of hope to turn back to be His people as this is His desire.

These issues of idolatry and social injustice still plague the world in which we live today. Idolatry is so widespread that it can be seen almost everywhere we look.

It seems that we have not learned from history and the lessons of God’s people. We still have favoritism within certain classes or groups of people that leads to the oppression of the poor. However, the Lord is still calling every one of us to repentance. The great news is that we need only to give our hearts, in obedience, to the Lord.

Rev. Todd Childers is pastor of Emmanuel Bible Church in Keysville. His email address is