Commending King Street Church

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We face it stronger when we face it together. It’s a widely known principle, and it’s one of the reasons people always pray for others who have fallen on difficult times.

It’s because they know — whatever one’s individual personal belief may be — that when someone has a hardship, it’s immeasurably less difficult when it’s spread over many instead of just one.

I commend the newly-formed King Street Church for doing just that and in turn providing hope to the Drakes Branch community.

The church handed out 72 backpacks to school-aged children and their parents July 29 in Drakes Branch.

The event also gave school supplies to participants which included Crayons, scissors, paper, notebooks, glue and other school supplies in advance of the first day of school for Charlotte County Public Schools.

“Because the Lord loves us so much and we want to love the people in Charlotte County and we want to share that by providing people the things that they need that they aren’t necessary capable of getting themselves and backpacks, and (distributing) school supplies is a great way to do it,” said church member and event organizer Kathy Griffith regarding what led to the inaugural event.

Indeed the word of God is love, and being able to spread that word through action is an impetus for hope.

Griffith said various people in the community donated school supplies and the church made a sizable donation to purchase supplies.

While these supplies will assist children to do their best during this school year, the actions of the church will continue, in the future, to act as a highlight of one of the best parts of humanity: compassion.

It’s definitely a reminder to carry compassion in our own lives toward other people, given that you never know what someone is going through.

Morgan White is a staff reporter for The Gazette. His email address is