We commend Habitat

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity is doing great things in our community.

Habitat is in the process of partnering with Charlotte County Public Schools through the 21st Century K-12 program, which will provide after-school and weekend activities for the students at Eureka Elementary and Central Middle schools.

We commend Habitat volunteers and staff, along with educators, staff, Division Superintendent Dr. Nancy Leonard and the county school board for being proactive and working with Habitat in planning to make such an impact in our community.

“Pending grant approval, this would be a dynamic partnership between Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity and two elementary schools within Charlotte County,” Eureka Elementary School Administrative Instructional Coordinator Lawrence Randolph told us in an interview. “If Eureka Elementary and Bacon District Elementary Schools were to receive the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, our partnership would start during the 2017-18 school year.”

It’s our hope, along with that of the Habitat and educators, that the division gets the grant.

Randolph said the partnership would teach elementary students marketing, advertisement, commercial skills and social media integration at an early age in an effort to prepare them for a competitive 21st century job market.

We think this is much-needed and it’s our hope the program will be a success for the students of the schools.

Alanna Rivera, the Habitat office manager and volunteer coordinator, said the organization will be hosting a Habitat Day one weekend a month where “we will partner with educators on a STEM (science, technology, education and math) curriculum and community outreach and development initiatives to educate the children on how they can be an active part of their community and have an early education in giving of themselves, as well as the importance of a community family.”

We commend Habitat and school leaders for collaborating to better educate students and help those in need across Charlotte County.