Ecology students work to recycle

Published 1:01 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Randolph-Henry High School (R-HHS) ecology students have collected recycling at home to add to the school’s weekly campus collections. 

“At almost 3,500 pounds collected since starting school in August, they are well on their way to reaching the goal of collecting 6,000 pounds by the end of the school year,” school officials said in a press release.

“Several students created interesting items from ‘trash’ and tried their hand at poetry in an attempt to persuade their peers to join the recycling efforts at R-HHS at home and our community. Other students made recycling banners, posters and shirts. One group made and decorated a 50-gallon barrel to collect rainwater to use at our campus greenhouse,” officials said.

“Ecology students at R-HHS encourage everyone to be a part of the movement to a sustainable community in which we can enjoy cleaner air, water and soil for our generation and those to follow.”