Vets care for the community

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Charlotte County has a great deal to be proud of in its veterans and their efforts in helping others — serving as an inspiration to those who live in our community.

Case in point: a collaborative effort between Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion Post members in the county that’s resulting in the repair the of a Charlotte Court House couple in need.

As reported last week by Gazette Community Editor Italia Gregory, veteran Jack Layne and his wife, Elizabeth, were chosen to receive the repairs based on a coordinated effort with the Piedmont Area Veterans Council (PAVC).

“The Layne family was referred to us by one of our community partners,” said PAVC’s Founder Sarah Dunn. “They are a wonderful family who agreed to allow us to provide the public with their contact information. Charlotte County Veteran Butch Hamlett and several VFW members (fellow veterans) have already donated time (and) supplies to do some of the repairs needed on the inside of the home.”

We offer our highest regards to every veteran who lives in this county, especially to those who are able to help others in their times of need, serving as a beacon of hope to those who may have lost theirs due to their age, health or lack of income.

“Veterans sometimes are forgotten, and we as members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, are dedicated to take care of our own,” said Hamlett, a member of VFW Post 8902 of Keysville.

Hamlett’s words are true, and unfortunate. All too often agencies — mostly on the federal level — mistreat veterans or simply don’t give them the resources and tools they need and deserve to be successful and healthy.

These agencies need only look to the the leaders of Charlotte’s VFW and American Legion Post, along with the PAVC, as to how to treat veterans after they’ve fought for our freedoms.