Here’s to the recordings

Published 10:41 am Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We offer our sincere thanks to leaders in Charlotte County government for posting audio files from meetings of the board of supervisors online.

Not only does this empower residents and those who have interest in the business of county government, but it promotes transparency among the business of county supervisors.

Over the last few years, access to technology and internet has grown leaps in bounds in rural Virginia — though many county and town governments haven’t kept up in using it to make government more transparent.

Posting agendas and minutes is one thing. Posting complete board packets is another. And posting audio recordings of meetings is even better.

Charlotte County stands alone as one of the only counties in the Heart of Virginia to post audio from its board of supervisors’ meetings online. And on behalf of every citizen who wants to learn more about their government at the local level, we offer our thanks to supervisors.

Other localities need to take note of Charlotte’s commitment to transparency in its posting the audio files.

Before now, those who wanted a copy of the audio file would have to pay $1, traveling to the county administrator’s office to pick up the CD that held the audio file.

“By doing this, it allows the citizens an opportunity to hear the proceedings for themselves,” said Board of Supervisors’ Vice Chairman Garland H. Hamlett Jr.

We thank supervisors and county staff for taking another step in making government more open and accessible. We hope this is one of many more to come.