Carney is first town manager

Published 4:17 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Town of Keysville has appointed Dennis Carney as its first town manager.

Carney, who has nearly three decades of experience in local government, took office on Jan. 1.

The town council appointed Carney on Nov. 22, according to Keysville Town Council member Sarah Critzer.

“I look at Keysville as having a lot of opportunity with our proximity to three major roads within and near the town,” Carney said. “It is important we recognize that opportunity and improve the lives of the people that are already here and get more people into the area.”

Carney has spent the last 29 years in local government, including three years in Powhatan County and four years in Caroline County, respectively, as the senior and comprehensive planner.

Carney was the first planning director for Martinsville, King William and Buckingham counties.

His most recent position was as planning and zoning administrator for the town of Windsor for nearly seven years. As the planning and zoning administrator, Carney said he rewrote the town’s comprehensive plan and land development ordinances.

Carney said the process to being appointed town manager was not a fast one. He said he applied for the position and was interviewed twice by the town council before being appointed.

Carney said he has big plans as town manager to improve and continue to grow Keysville as finances allow.

Some of his plans include reviewing current projects and continuing to push them forward, such as downtown revitalization projects. Carney also wants to see in what areas grants could be helpful to the town.

One of the major public works projects Carney said he would continue to push is the work on the Phase Two Water Project to help improve Keysville’s water system.

Carney said he’s looking forward to the opportunities the position will provide in continuing to grow Keysville.