Our thanks to those who serve

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On behalf of the entire Charlotte County community, we send out a big thank you to every department and its crews that answered the call during last weekend’s snow storm.

We thank the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office for not only responding to accident scenes to assist with traffic control, but for continuing their normal job of protecting citizens and property despite the weather.

We thank the Virginia State Police who patrol the county for doing the same.

We thank the Bacon District, Charlotte Court House, Cullen, Drakes Branch, Keysville, Phenix and Red House volunteer fire departments, along with the Charlotte County Rescue Squad for answering the call for accidents, fires and other emergencies related (and not) to the heavy snows.

We thank the Virginia Department of Transportation for doing its best to prepare roads for the storm and clearing them as quickly as possible afterward.

We thank the Charlotte County Public Schools division for — despite the headaches the decision may have caused — for keeping children out of school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so they could stay safe and warm at home.

To anyone and everyone who, either voluntarily or due to their job, was out in the snow and cold to help their neighbors, we say “thank you.”

You made the unbearable more bearable and the miserable conditions less so through your actions.

You can proudly say, “I helped someone,” when someone asks what you did during last week’s snowfall.

Because, even if it was indirectly, that’s exactly what you did.