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Published 3:09 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2017

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth … Psalm 104:14

Hello friends! This month, I’d like to tell my readers about a product that I feel could really help someone out there, especially someone who has blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol or fibromyalgia problems.

Back last summer, my daughter, Beth, who lives in the South Boston area, told us about a company named Plexus. She had responded to a friend’s request to consider trying some of the company’s products.

At first she was skeptical, but when she went on the internet to research it, she found that YouTube had many testimonial videos of people who tried the Plexus products, especially the one named Slim. Many of these people were able to get off their medications after taking these products for a while and were continuing the products for maintenance purposes.

Beth and her husband decided to get involved with the company in order to help others with health issues. They became Plexus ambassadors, which means they became members who could build a business by helping others get healthy. They tried the products themselves with great results and gave a package of Slim to my husband to try due to his blood sugar problems.

We immediately saw positive results in the level of energy and mood changes that some people with blood sugar problems face on a daily basis. Then I decided to sign up as an ambassador, too!

Meanwhile, since I knew my 80-year-old mom was diagnosed last year with borderline blood sugar problems and was on medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, I began trying to convince my mom to try the Slim product.

My mom agreed to try the product until she saw her doctor and then she would decide whether to keep using the Slim.

Well, folks, she went back to her doctor Friday. Since my mom has never had a normal blood sugar or blood pressure since going to Dr. Susan, mom was surprised when the doctor told her that her blood sugar and blood pressure were in the normal range and asked what was she doing different. I began to explain that mom had been taking a product named Plexus Slim, which has alpha-lipoic acid and chromium, which are known to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure in people. The doctor told my mom that whatever she has been doing to keep doing it, because the results were outstanding.

There are others in the South Boston area that are having great results from using this product. If you would like to learn more, please contact me.

Alice Russell, also known as “Me Me,” resides in the Randolph/Saxe area. Her email address is letstalkherbs@gmail.com.

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