Logging thief arrested, charged with three counts grand larceny

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A 22-year-old Green Bay man is charged in connection with a string of logging equipment thefts. According to the Nottoway County Sheriff’s Office, Samuel Lee Hall was arrested Thursday and has been charged with three counts of grand larceny.

Two charges are for the stealing of a trailer and logs and one for stealing a log trailer, according to an email from Nottoway Sheriff Larry Parrish.

Parrish said Hall is charged with the theft of a logging trailer and logs belonging to B&J Trucking Inc., of Victoria, on Dec. 9. He is charged with stealing a logging trailer and logs belonging to Wilkerson Trucking, of Keysville, from a parked location off Cox Road outside Blackstone.

He’s also charged with stealing a log trailer parked off Rocky Bump Road, also outside Blackstone.

All three log trailers have been recovered, according to the sheriff’s office.

Hall is being held without bond at Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville.