Props to CCPS

Published 7:25 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In last week’s Gazette, an article ran about Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) having four schools in their system fully accredited according to data released by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).

If you happen to follow how other schools in our area do, you will quickly notice how CCPS stands high in the rankings. We applaud the entire school system for achieving this status and for the hard work every single employee puts into making an honor like this happen.

This is not the first year CCPS has done well when it comes to accreditation statuses. In fact, this is a continuous achievement our schools have to showcase for our county almost every year.

We have our administrators and teachers to thank for this. We all cannot imagine how much work is put into making sure our students do as well as they do to represent our county in a positive light.

Administrators work tirelessly to plan out entire school years at a time, to fit in not only educational experiences for students, but fun ones as well. They, as well as teachers spend a lot of their time outside of work brainstorming new ideas for each school year.

Teachers come into work every day and never know what they may be walking into. They may have students who come ready to learn, or some may not be in such a good mood. They have to deal with different types of students and still be able to get their work done no matter what situations may arise.

CCPS staff, you do a great job of rising in the ranks amongst other schools and working endlessly to ensure we stay high in those standings. We are grateful to have you.