Make this year count

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

As school has begun in Charlotte County, we encourage students to gear up and make this year the best that it can be.

Every year, teachers and administration of Charlotte County Public Schools work relentlessly to bring their students excellent inviting lesson plans, while also including fun activities and events for students to participate in. They do this because they want to see students succeed and go on to do greater things in the future that will represent the county is wonderful ways.

So, students, we challenge you to be just as hardworking as those teachers and administrators. Get off to a good start and don’t procrastinate on assignments. Show your teachers you care by being attentive in class and going the extra mile to have assignments done fully on time, or better yet ahead of time.

Think of your future and how much easier it will be if you work hard in school now. You could get into your dream college and go on to have a career you will love.

It all starts here, though; right at your school.

Challenge yourself. We know you can do it.