‘Listen to reason’ for change

Published 12:59 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2016

To Charlotte County citizens and the board of supervisors:

Chairman Haywood Hamlet was quoted in the July 13 edition of The Charlotte Gazette as expressing his love of the county, and that he is angry and he wants to fight harder.

I, too, share the same sentiments. I love Charlotte County and I am hurt that my elected leaders seemingly pay little attention to the concerns of many people. I want transparency and accountability. I don’t want to fight, but what choice do I have?

Elected leaders serve for many reasons. Sometimes their motives are very good — sometimes not. Usually they say things like, they are going to clean up the mess, they are going to work hard for the common good of all mankind, they love the people they serve, etc.

Once in office, especially without term limits, which would rotate the people serving, many tend to “group think” rather than think as the independent leaders the people who elected them want them to be. Over the past six months in the open board meetings, I have heard little real discussion on items. A very few “no” votes have been heard.

It makes the citizen wonder where the real discussions are taking place.

Ludy Collie and I knew other taxpayers were upset about many issues and they wanted to be heard. I believe the petition count is now over 800.

Those 800 taxpayers, in a short time frame, have voiced their concerns.

The taxpayers are not willing to be silenced any longer. Please, as I asked the other day, hit the reset button and change how business is conducted for the good of the people of this county. I am appealing to the seven supervisors individually — do the right thing; listen to the people. Any one of you can make a motion on the items as stated in the petition:

1. If business meals are necessary, list purpose and attendees on receipt and keep amounts reasonable. It would be a good sign if you stop eating before meetings.

2. Include citizens’ comments in the minutes.

3. Hold meetings at a time when the working people can attend. The debt you are mounting will be on the backs on them and their children long after many of us are gone.

Supervisors, please listen to reason. It takes a strong man or woman to work for change.

Please be strong and just in your love of Charlotte County. Talk is cheap; actions speak volumes.

Kay Pierantoni is a Wylliesburg resident. She can be reached at kmpierantoni@gmail. com.