Girls tennis hits the three-peat

Published 11:24 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

For the third year in a row the Randolph-Henry High School girls tennis team won the Heritage Invitational Tennis Tournament played this year on Friday and Saturday at Heritage High School (HHS) against the host team, as well as Nelson County High School (NCHS) and Prince Edward County High School (PECHS).  The Lady Statesmen improved on last year’s win by capturing the championship not only as a team, but in all nine singles and doubles positions.

In singles, Meredith Feinman dictated play against Kristyn Underwood (NCHS) 10-0 and Cordelia Morgan (PECHS) 10-1 to capture the No. 1 seed championship. Couper Webb dominated Alexis Washington (HHS) 10-1 and Grace Rust (PECHS) 10-1 to win the No. 2 seed championship. Alena Latysheva outlasted Kendasia Hensley (PECHS) 10-8 and Autumn Cardwell (HHS) 10-0 for the No. 4 seed championship.   

Emily Toombs controlled the court against Jamia Couch (PECHS) 10-0 and Amber Cash (HHS) 10-1 to become No. 4 seed champion. Helen Lin defeated Alexis Dews (HHS) 10-0 and Marlena Holman (NCHS) 10-1 to capture the No. 5 seed championship. Emily Decamp overcame Tabitha Napier (NCHS) 10-0 and Blair Bradsher (HHS) 10-2 to become No. 6 seed champion.

In doubles Feinman/Webb rolled past Nubala Islam/Aaliyah Robertson (HHS) 10-0 and Morgan/Rust (PECHS) 10-1 on the way to the No. 1 seed championship. Toombs/Lin eclipsed Kaleen Copson/Destinee Glover (NCHS) 10-5 and Washington/Autumn Corduell (HHS) 10-4 for the No. 2 seed championship. Latysheva/Morgan Mason defeated Shakiya Pride/Abrianna Sanchez (PECHS) 10-0 and Amber Couch/Alexis Dews (HHS) 10-6 for the No. 3 seed championship.

R-HHS won the team championship with Heritage High School placing second, Nelson County High School third and Prince Edward County High School fourth. The Lady Statesmen playing over the weekend enjoyed strong support from their teammates Tyler Whirley, McKenzie Sharpe, Grace Reynolds, Taylor Jones and Eliza Walker and from many fans who traveled with the team.

The team will return to action on Thursday when they host Appomattox at 4:30 p.m.