From the canvas to the community

Published 8:46 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Starting with a blank canvas, Franca Guill uses her artistic talent to serve others, one painting at a time. In the fall of 2015, Guill, a receptionist at Randolph-Henry High School, rekindled her love of painting, which has turned into a monumental collection of artwork.

After one of her co-workers saw her art work, the word quickly spread about her paintings.

Because Guill found herself painting several pictures a week, her walls began filling up and paintings were sitting all around her house.

It was then she realized that she had to relinquish some of them or give up one her favorite pastimes.

Landscape paintings, including snow scenes, fall foliage, mountains, rivers, lakes and nature trails, seem to be what she enjoys sketching the most. However, upon request, she has also created several barn scenes. 

After learning of the efforts to raise money for the Randolph-Henry High School After-Prom party and the need to help an R-H student battling cancer, Guill has decided to sell many of her paintings and donate the proceeds to the aforementioned.

Guill’s paintings are on display in the main office at R-H. If interested in purchasing a Guill painting, contact the school at (434) 542-4111.