Submitting work

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So, if you haven’t noticed, the opinion page is the best way you can get your voice heard.

You can write your thoughts down and send them in as a letter to the editor or a guest columnist, or you can even speak volumes through pictures in the “Pic Me Up” section. But, how long should everything be? How does one know how much to write? Well, I will tell you.

Letters to the editor, which are addressed to the editor noting something that you think is great or needs improving, or just to rant away about something bothering you, should be 300 words or less.

The “Picture of the Week” is only a single photo with a short 2-3 sentence caption. Guest columns should be 400 words or less.

So, try it out for yourself. You have the guidelines, now all we need is your writing!

Hannah Davis is the editor of The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at