Change can be a good thing

Published 7:35 am Monday, December 28, 2015

There has been much debate in Charlotte County about where to build the new courthouse after updated plans were recently released.

The latest plans showed the new courthouse building being constructed behind — and attached to — the current circuit court clerk’s office.

Although the courthouse square has an unparalleled historical vibe that may be altered if the new courthouse is attached to the existing circuit court clerk’s office, the reality is that a new building is necessary and the location of the proposed new building should not be the primary focus of the complex process.

Recently, a court order was released stating that the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors had been commanded to build the new courthouse on the courthouse square.

In light of this, we believe as a community we all could benefit from embracing a little bit of inevitable change. While it is understood that we must understand where we come from in order to know which direction we are going, we cannot blindside ourselves in order to hold on to the past.

By building a new courthouse, the county will benefit from a modernized facility that offers updated security capabilities. In the grand scheme of things, this is certainly something to be appreciated.

As a community, we all need to remember the only way to move forward is to be open to change. Although a difficult concept, nothing stays the same forever. As individuals, we all grow and change throughout the years. Growth can be paralleled with knowledge.

Just because a concept is different does not make it any less effective, or wrong for that matter. Whether the facilities are attached to the current clerk’s office or placed in the adjacent field, it will make a statement and will symbolize the county as a whole.

It will be a symbol of the current community of Charlotte County — historic, yet coming up to date — leaving a mark for years to come.