CCH celebrates tree lighting

Published 12:03 pm Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On Sunday the Town of Charlotte Court House held its annual tree lighting ceremony and Jane Hayes was named Hometown Leader.

Members of the community gathered on the courthouse lawn to sing Christmas carols led by Rick Mann, and celebrated the holiday season with the official lighting of the town Christmas Tree.

Hayes was honored for her contributions to the community during the event.

According to Charlotte Court House Mayor Stephen Walker, the hometown leader must be nominated by someone who lives in town.

In addition, the hometown leader must be an individual that gives back to the community. This year, Hayes was nominated by Joann Lacks.

“She works at Randolph-Henry and has for many years,” said Lacks. “There are not many students attending Randolph-Henry that don’t know her. If you’ve ever attended a basketball game, baseball or football, I’m sure you’ve heard her cheering the team on, usually unable to talk the next day if it’s a close game.”

Lacks said Hayes gives out snacks to students, helps with tutoring and takes photos of athletes during games and distributes them at the end of the season. “She sends out inspirational emails to faculty and staff every morning,” Lacks said.

(Photo by Italia Gregory) The Town of Charlotte Court House held its tree lighting ceremony on Sunday.

(Photo by Italia Gregory)
The Town of Charlotte Court House held its tree lighting ceremony on Sunday.

In addition to being an inspiration to the Randolph-Henry community, Hayes is an active member in the church and works in the community with Hands for Christ and 30 Hour Famine, according to Lacks. Currently, Hayes is packing shoeboxes to send as gifts to children in other countries.

“She is very caring of all people, young and old,” said Lacks.

“I just want to thank you all,” Hayes said. “This is a special honor that I don’t deserve.”

Hayes said she truly loves the kids and she tells them that she loves them all. “I love each, each one of them,” she said.

Hayes said she was very appreciative of being nominated Hometown Leader for 2016 and the honor would always be cherished.

After the program, the community was invited inside the courthouse to warm up and enjoy cold-weather favorites, such as cider.