The election in review

Published 10:47 am Monday, November 16, 2015

Thank you to all those who did their civic duty and voted last week.

I appreciate those who cast their vote for me to continue to serve you in the State Senate.

While it is a lawful citizen’s right to vote or choose not to vote, I hope that by the next election all who are qualified will decide to register to vote and then come to the polls on election day to cast a vote for those candidates who best represent their views.

After all the television commercials and all the mailings, the end results left the General Assembly about where we started out. In the House of Delegates, Republicans entered the election holding 67 of the 100 seats. After the election, they control 66 seats.

The new members bring a wide range of experience — from business, to medicine, to law. Two served in the House of Delegates — Bill Steph from Virginia Beach and Scott Surovell from Northern Virginia.

Now is the time to turn to important issues on which we can agree and work together to move the state forward. Job creation is one key issue.

Job creation is one key issue. Another issue is re-aligning our education policy to better focus our young people on preparing for the jobs available now and in the coming years.

Frank Ruff, a Republican, represents Charlotte County in the Virginia State Senate. His email address is